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A Day Only A Mother Could Love

So I rarely write about what happens inside our house on The Tenderfoot but if there was a day to share today would be the one.

Babe got up with the kids so I could sleep in for an extra couple of hours. There’s a voice that keeps me awake to tell me he’s doing something wrong or in the wrong order but I was able to shut her up this morning and slept a little after they were up. What a peaceful treat!

TLD went down for his morning nap as soon as I was up so Belle and I sat at the kitchen table and set out to start our garden seeds. I should have done it weeks ago but better late than never, right? She dropped the seeds into the peat pellets and I packed the dirt after her. Mini pumpkins, giant pumpkins, hot peppers, beefsteak tomatoes, watermelon, onion and nasturtiums for Belle, all ready for little water and sun.

Belle lost interest after a while and left me at the table to go watch PBS with Bear, the german shepherd rescue that we just a adopted a few weeks ago. I won’t go into too much detail about Bear since we decided this morning that we’re not a good fit for him and I’m returning him to the rescue lady tomorrow. Anyway, I was sowing when from the other room Belle yelled “NO, Puppy. Stinky POO!”.

I hauled it into the tv room to discover not poop on the floor but two lumps of dog barf and my daughter was standing on the couch, pointing at them. “The metal spatula should get it up good”, Babe yelled down from upstairs. He was riveted by Abe Lincoln Vampire Hunter and hadn’t put it down since he cracked it open yesterday. “Umm. Ok”.

After playing outside for a while with Bear and helping Belle fly her kite, we decided to grab a bite out. We had plans to visit some family later in the afternoon but Babe and I were famished. We stopped at the hardware store so he could run in for something. I stayed in the car with TLD and Belle since they were both dozing. A half hour later we were sitting at a not-too-crowded pizza place, eager for our food to arrive.

I made a quick call to say we’d be a little late getting to the gathering since we hadn’t gotten our food yet. I’d just ended the call when Belle looked up from the picture she was coloring to tell me her mouth hurt. “Did you bite your tongue, Honey?” I asked to which she nodded… then puked all over the table!

I grabbed a roll of paper towels out of the hand of a hostess who was wiping a nearby table saying something like “I really really need those towels-thanks”. She spun around, startled by the crazy women who just nabbed her towels. “Umm. Ok”.

We grabbed our food to go, drove home and invited the people we were supposed to visit to our house. When we got home I put TLD down for a nap, ravaged my food and hurriedly tidied the kitchen. Babe cuddled with Belle, who had no appetite but was feeling fine, while I got the house ready. “Don’t forget to clean that bathroom. The sink and toilet are filthy” he called to me. “Umm. Ok”.

Our visiters came over and enjoyed watching Belle and TLD crawl all over Babe and I’m sure they didn’t believe us when we told them she’d gotten sick at the restaurant. All of us sat on the playroom floor with Bear watching us from the other side of the safety gate. They stayed till I started making dinner. It was a pleasant visit even though I couldn’t stop picking at my legs which were bumpy from the poison ivy I encountered while weeding yesterday.

“I forgot to get you a card for today, Honey” Babe admitted. TLD was playing on his lap while I cleared the plates and cleaned the counter. “I’m not very good at that am I.”

“Well, what would the card say if you had gotten me one?” I asked him, reaching in the fridge for a gallon of milk and waiting for a clever response.

“Our kids are so happy and do so well because of you. I’ve never seen kids who laugh as much as they do and they’re so smart. You’re a great mom, Honey.” He paused as I turned with the milk, my eyes filled with tears. “How was that?” he asked.

I wiped a cheek and smiled, “Umm. Ok”.

I closed the refrigerator door to admire my new treasures from the kids: a flower magnet (a circular photo of TLD with purple hand prints surrounding it to make petals) and Belle’s painting of a butterfly that day care sent home with them on Thursday, and Belle’s crayon picture from lunch that Babe had been able to salvage.

It really was a lovely Mother’s Day. Certainly a day only a mother could love.

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