Someone Thinks I’m Very Inspiring!

I haven’t written in a while. To be honest life got a little messy over the last few weeks and it took some time to tidy it. broke my unintentional hiatus by nominating me for a lovely award: A Very Inspiring Blogger Award and I’m quite touched. Thank you, Anna!

So, for this award, I am supposed to write seven things that my readers don’t know about me and suggest seven other blogs that inspire me.

Here goes…

1) I used to bite my fingernails all day, every day, till they bled. As soon as I finally quit I became a massage therapist so now I’m supposed to have short nails. Sometimes you’re born to do what you do already so I’ve quit quitting things.

2) If I had a super power, I’d like my fingers to work as individual dispensers: aloe gel, ketchup, antibac soap, water, massage cream, peanut butter etc. I’d have a lot more time if I wasn’t hopping from one tube, pump, pitcher or faucet to the next and how cool would it be to point at Belle’s bowl of cheerios and have it fill with milk!

3) In the 6th or 7th grade I decided I wanted to be in the Olympics and that speedwalking was going to be my sport. That summer I walked the speedwalker stride: pumping arms with elbows bent, hips swishing, exhaling in rhythmic puffs if I needed to or not.

4) Someone once asked me if I’ve been to the Grand Canyon. I think I have but to be honest I don’t remember. I said yes, but maybe I haven’t.

5) In college I had a photograph of George Carlin framed and it sat on my desk.

6) I sing Dan Fogelberg to TLD and Jimmy Buffett to Belle every night and Poi Dog Pondering to everybody every breakfast.

7) As a child, I had an imaginary friend that was a crab named “sniffer”.

To pay it forward, here are seven bloggers that inspire me. These sites give me ideas, motivation and laughter:

1.  Rita is a brilliant writer who takes me with her on her journeys through her stories, poems and photography. They’re always touching, clever and poignant.

2. Every day I receive a great little gem from Rachel. She offers tips on organization, DIY projects, and simple housekeeping. Her easy steps and photography entertain me even when  the day’s topic isn’t really on my radar. I don’t know if I’ll ever install a ceiling medallion but I learned how to do it a few days ago!

3.  Bridget transports me to her beautiful Irish country life for a few minutes whenever I need a good dose of beauty and humor.

4.  The owner of a small bookstore and the beautiful characters who browse her shelves delight me every time!

5.  David invites me to his ranch, to see his animals and enjoy a sit on his porch. His entries are always meaningful.

6.  Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream is much more than a guilty pleasure and her blog is a scoop of salty caramel for my soul. A master culinary artist, Jeni just won the James Beard Award for her cookbook! I have it on good authority that the sweet corn and raspberry recipe will get you laid.

7. Jen rescues Siberian Huskies and German Shepherds. We adopted “Ramsey” a few weeks ago to complete our little homestead family. Stop by her site to see the good work she’s doing!

Thanks again, Anna, for bringing me back to my keyboard! Please check out these fellow bloggers and SPREAD THE LOVE. I’ll post more from The Tenderfoot shortly!


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Photo: Hi Puppy. Nice Puppy.

Hi Puppy. Nice Puppy.


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Eye-popping mornings

Each morning, The Little Dude and I look out our window to see what is new. I know he is just having fun pointing to different things but right now it’s easy to think he’s following the same game rules I am. I’m noticing that every tree around the house blooms or has some sort of uniqueness.

The Tenderfoot could be a backdrop for Seurat. The branches of the trees that line the walk to the barn are wrapped in vibrant purple blossoms.

The forsythia and daffodils add jazzy yellow splashes.

Along one of the paver paths are gorgeous flowering bushes.  Although I worked one summer in a greenhouse several years ago I never learned plant names so I don’t know what this is but it’s my favorite of the day…

Every morning brings a new surprise.

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You’re in the country when…

You're in the country when...

A pork femur is the stuff I need out here? Really?


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Sunset after a Storm

Sunset after a Storm

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Turnin’ up the green!

Turnin' up the green!

Happy Birthday, Babe! Happy St. Paddy’s, Everyone!

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My Garden’s Secret

The property was loved for many years, there’s no doubt. It’s everywhere. Sometimes it feels like what’s squishing under my muck boots is that love coming up to cushion my feet. It’s in the melody of the birds that wake us every morning. It lures me to walk to the pines. It calls me to interrupt our routine-and what mom likes to do that?-to take Belle and TLD for a quick run in the field or excursion to the barn. I enjoy getting the mail and bringing in the trash bins because I get to stroll down the long driveway that winds around tall maple trees, lots of different evergreens and a gang of hollies. I take proud, sure strides and the gravel softly crunches under me.

Certain maintenance fell off the priority list for the past owner though. As Babe and I become better acquainted with this land and its demands, it’s hard to blame Helen for never raking after Keith died. I feel lucky that the grass was well maintained always, and the grounds are stunning aside from the leaves.

By paying a lawn service and letting the leaves go where the wind would take them, Helen could focus on a large garden till she couldn’t anymore. It took up a good half-an-acre next to the house. She also planted the many hostas and other treasures that I’ve been discovering.

So, about those leaves. It took me and Babe four hours to rake along the path that goes from the barn to the back patio. Four hours allowed us to clean up an area about the size of our old back yard. That’s not much, especially when you think that we could fit about 30 subdivision lots on this property! We cleared years of muck from under trees and between stones in the retaining walls, fallen branches and other debris (empty mason jars mostly). So many leaves: wet and heavy, dry and crunchy, clumpy, confetti-like. We had so many.

Most of that time I was writing my novel in my mind, working out how one character meets another and how certain conversations happen and should I do this or that. Between the birds and crackling leaves it was just too loud for me and Babe to talk much so I could dive into my thoughts as if I was alone. Occasionally I’d leave the desk in my mind to find one of Helen’s babies hidden under pounds of debris. My garden’s secrets were coming to light! I found countless buds and another brick path (to nowhere) under it all.

It was a dirty job and we’re still sore but we had a beautiful time. We dumped the leaves into the back of Babe’s pickup and shoveled them into the brush pile behind the pines. We made five trips back there that afternoon, sloshing and fish-tailing through the wet grass, with country music on the radio and smiles on our faces.

With the bright sun overhead, my overshirt hanging from a branch and glasses of lemonade on the patio step, The Tenderfoot could have been a movie set. There’s nothing easy about the simple life, I’m finding, but I’m joyful here. I’m always so joyful, and often near tears about that.

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