02 Feb

I’d been putting off my dreaded Clean-The-Apartment Day but I decided to tackle the chore this afternoon while Husband was working from home and the kids took their naps.

To brighten my mood, and get something else off my to-do list, I first stopped by the post office to mail Leo’s birthday party invitations. Oh! these invitations. We changed the date of the party three times and then I forgot to send the invites out before we moved so who knows if anybody will actually be able to come!

The woman behind the post office counter offered special stamps and she pulled out a thick file folder, full of themed stamps. She pulled out sheet after sheet as my cell phone beeped and br-rring-ed incessantly, stealing my attention.

Flowers? No thanks.

Trees? No, really.

Hearts? The regular ones are really fine. Thanks though. The ones with the bells would be fine.

Hmm. Birthday party invitations…Well. How about these? (I lifted my eyes from my cell phone to look) Oh my gosh! Those are great!

After putting entirely too much thought into which invitee should get which stamp, I dropped my envelopes into the bin and made the trek into town to clear out anything we might have missed and give the apartment a quick cleaning.

 Like Leonardo Decaprio made reading Shakespeare “cool again” in the 90’s? Will Pixar make letter writing “cool again”?

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One response to “Diversion

  1. ceciliag

    February 6, 2012 at 9:38 am

    I really wish he would, I love receiving letters but send way too few of them.. shame on me.. c


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